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Showreel: Work

A short showreel themed around the passion, pride, skill and care our clients put into their work. 

Shift workers, artisans, artists, entrepreneurs, charity workers, academics...

Shakespeare Schools Festival: Parayhouse School

One of three films made for the Shakespeare Schools Festival, which helped them to recruit over 1,000 new schools to take part the following year.


This video profiles London-based Parayhouse School for students with disabilities and their moving rendition of Hamlet.

SafetyNet Technologies

This short documentary shares the innovative methods that SafteyNet Technologies are using to develop more sustainable fishing practices, with the help of fishers around the world.

Imperial College Advanced Hackspace

One of several films made with the Imperial College Advanced Hackspace team to capture their world-renowned hackathons.

This project, in collaboration with respiratory charity Breathe, had the aim of developing new solutions to help sufferers of chronic lung problems.

Anima e Cuore

“It’s gonna be just specials!” The story behind much loved North London restaurant Anima e Cuore, as told by its creator and head chef Mustapha Mouflih. 

The film won 1st place in the GoDaddy's "Small Business Stories" video contest.

King's Business School

One of five films made with King's College London to celebrate the launch of their new Business School.


A collaboration with Design Science to create a video for the MetaboLight team at UCL, who are pioneering a new health tool which uses infrared light to monitor metabolism in newborn babies. 


In this short video we explain their extraordinary work and introduce the team.

The Kitchen Coach: Cooking with Kids

Justine Kanter AKA the Kitchen Coach teaches Georgia (5 ¾ ) and Molly (5 ¾ ) how to make Spaghetti Bolognese.

The film was made as a proof of concept for a TV series.

American Football Development: The Coaches

Capturing the experience of former NFL players coaching in the UK for the first time for American Football Development.

The film has been used to recruit more NFL stars to come to the UK and join the AFD team.

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